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About Us

We are an innovative startup with a complex and articulated project that requires many steps, designed and different for each production field and segment.
Thanks yo our innovative technologies we have made deals with the biggest companies for
Global E-commerce, like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Google and Facebook, enricing the Affiliated Enterprises offer with a large and global customers audience.
The Project success is defined by synergies developed with Category Assosiations, Chambers of Commerce, Productive Activities, Industial Unions and everybody who work in the Institutional Landscape, to favourite the Italian Enterprises Productive and Commercial fields developement.
We are offering this opportunity to all SMEs, who wants to have their Business Expansion possibility, generating a new income arising from export operations.
We help you then to manage your several Activity Aspects, letting expand your market in 3 easy steps:


Load Your Products

On Our HUB, with a simple wizard that will help you step by step in the loading process. It seems not enought? Our Vendor Support is at your complete disposal for the Training and the first Products Loads.


Prepare Them For Whitdrawal

Just pack your products for the carrier, they will provide traking numbers and will send everything to your cutomers in the quickiest time possible.



Don't wait for your customers payments, We will buy your Products and sell them in the Global Markets.

Our Team

We are a small team, with big ideas, made for success.


"Our Unique Project is Oriented to Every Kind of Business: We are offering our revolutionary & avant-garde technologies to our partners, for real time syncronization of acctivities required to Promote and Distribute our Partners Products."

"Until a few years ago, opening a commercial front on global markets was a feature limited to enterprises who can afford important investiments in marketing, logistics and legal & tax advices. Than came "StartUp Market", who changed the game and gives real possibilitis for everyone's dream of global market selling, a concrete and affordable possibility for everyone."

Governament Institutions Opportunity Manager, "Made in Italy" in the world Promotion and Internazionalization

Partnership Developement with
Italian Istitutions and Business Categories

Agents Scout, Bank Institutional Partnerships, Financial and Employment Office Scout

Head Of Financial Reports Office

Vendor Manager, First Access Guidance

Manager, "Made in Italy" Italian Excellence Commercial Developer for Russian Markets

Manager, "Made in Italy" Italian Excellence Commercial Developer for Italian Markets

Manager, "Made in Italy" Italian Excellence Commercial Developer for Italian Markets

Manager, "Made in Italy" Italian Excellence Commercial Developer for Italian Markets

Legal Division, for disputees with Italian Suppliers
and Partners


Sede Operativa:
Via Caio Duilio 2,                     
Napoli, 80125 - Italy


Phone: +39 (081) 188 133 89